Privacy protection

All the personal information collected from users who visit this website will only be used to improve the concept of technology, contents and functionality. In some parts of the website, we invite visitors to offer relevant information to allow us better to follow-up the user’s visit. When you subscribe to our communications or send your feedback to us through the contact form, we need your personal information as well. Under these circumstances, we require your name, e-mail address and some other necessary personal information, in order to provide you with desired service. You can choose to have your address removed from our correspondence database at any time. The personal information we collect is in principle only used for responding to visitor’s requirements. In some cases, however, the information may also be used for market analysis or to improve our products and services or to improve our understanding of your commercial requirements. We may also disseminate the information to our distributors, sales representatives or other business partners so that they could respond to visitors’ requirement or provide them with information relating to our product and service or other information that we deem to meet our customers’ and potential customers’ commercial requirements. By the same token, the website may be linked to our distributors’, sales representatives’ or other business partners’ websites. Although we believe that our distributors, sales representatives or other business partners are acting responsibly and that their standards of privacy protection are satisfactory, we are not responsible for the contents of their websites or policies relating to privacy protection.

If you consider that the conduct of LASTER Technologies does not conform to the aforesaid policy, please contact us immediately: